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Stella Sensel * I.A.T.S.E. 798 * Makeup & Special FX Resume'

Film                                                      Title/Date                                                         Production___________________

FX & Make-Up                                    Tick Tick Boom                                                Netflix/ Lin Manuel Miranda

Make-Up                                              West Side Story/2019                                        20th Century Fox/ Stephen Spielberg

FX Make-Up                                        The Dead Don’t Die/ 2018                                Kill the Head  

FX Make-Up                                        Once Upon A Time in Staten Island/ 2018       Shaolin Productions, Inc

FX Make-Up                                        By Dawn/ 2017                                                 Screen Anthology, LLC

FX Make-Up.                                       Unwanted/ 2016                                                CLK Production Services, Inc     

Make-Up Dept Head                            Even After Everything/ 2016                            Loveable Derelict, LLC

Make-Up Dept Head                            Bushwick/ 2015                                                Stupe INC.

Make-Up Dept Head/ FX Design        Crocodile Boy/ 2015                                         Student Short

Make-Up Dept Head/ FX Design        Hiraeth/ 2015                                                    NYU Thesis – Short

Make-Up Dept Head                           Nightfire/ 2015                                                  F/1.8 Studios

Make-Up Dept Head/ FX                    Hamlet, Son of a Kingpin/ 2013                                          First Folio Productions

Make-Up                                             Simpler Times/ 2013                                               MonaVision Films

TV                                                        Title/Date                                                         Production___________________

Make-Up                                              Equalizer Season 2                                           NBC Universal

Make-Up                                             City On a Hill                                                   Showtime

Make-Up/FX.                                      Godfather of Harlem                                         ABC

Make-Up/ FX.                                     Faces                                                                 Netflix

Make-Up/FX                                       Hunters Season 1                                              Amazon

FX Make-up                                        New Amsterdam - Season 1, 2, 3                     NBC Universal

Key Make-Up/ Design                       In A Man's World/2016                                      Lucky8 - Sizzle 

FX Make-Up                                       Today Show Halloween/ 2016                         NBC Universal

Make-Up Dept Head/ FX                   Today Show/ 2016                                            Bodega

FX Make-Up                                       Today Show April Fools Segment/ 2015         NBC Universal

FX Make-Up                                       Coming to America Spoof/ 2015                     His & Hers - ESPN

Make-Up                                             Best Time Ever/ 2015                                      NBC – Live TV

FX Make-Up                                       TBS – Ids/ 2015                                               Bodega - Sizzle

Make-Up                                            NBC Universal PCI/ 2015                                hscusa.tv - Industrial

Make-Up                                            Knock Knock Live/ 2015                                 FOX – IKA Collective

Make-Up Assistant                            Friends of the People/ 2015                              C-Moose Productions           

Music Video                                         Title/Date                                                         Production___________________

Make-Up                                            Apathy/2018                                                  Prod. Co. Prod./Frankie Cosmos

FX Make-Up                                        Wont Last/ 2015                                             Goodboy Media – RDGLDGRN

Special Effects                                    Every Where I Go/ 2014                                BLVD Industires – New Politics

FX Make-Up                                        Matamoros/ 2014                                          The Afghan Whigs

FX Make-Up                                        Longevity/ 2012                                             Garen/ Yeasayer

Web/Social Media                              Title/Date                                                         Production___________________

FX Make-Up                                        Bae or Bail/ 2018                                             A&E

Make-Up Dept Head/FX                    Pepsi/ 2016                                                     Bauda Design

Make-Up                                            Learn to Paint w/Mary Houlihan/ 2016        Comedy Central – Snap Chat

Make-Up/ FX                                      Scarecrow/ 2016                                            Above average

Make-Up                                            Sunset Peak/2016                                           Comedy Central

Make-Up                                            ABC Live Stream News/2016                         hscusa.tv - digital sizzle

Make-Up                                            Womanhood/ 2016                                       Funny Or Die  

Make-Up                                            Trump Voters/ 2016                                        Funny Or Die

Make-Up                                            Gay Appropriation/ 2016                              Funny Or Die

Make-Up Dept Head/ FX                  Clorox/ 2016                                                   Akqa/ Nylon Mag

Make-Up Dept Head                         V8/ 2015                                                         V8 Bloody Mary

FX Make-Up                                        JonTron- Food Games / 2015                        JonTron

Commercial                                        Client                                                               Production_                _________

FX Make-Up                                        EE Refresh/ 2018                                             Mick Breitenstein – Eczema

Make-up                                             Fox Sports/2017                                               First Things First - Commercial

Make-Up Dept Head                         MIIBG, LLC/2017                                              BSP - Commercial

Make-Up                                            The Hershey Company/2016                          PF100 - Commercial

Make-Up                                            AT&T/ 2016                                                        BBDO - Commercial

Make-Up                                            GMA TruGreen/ 2016                                      hscusa/tv - Commercial


EDUCATION/ AWARDS                         

IMATS London “Battle of the Brushes”              2013                             2nd Place Winner -  Character/ Prosthetic Competition

Make-Up Designory                                          2012                             Master MakeUp Artistry Program - 840 Hours

NYU                                                                     2001                            BFA - Drama 

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